One of Minnesota's most iconic dessert destinations is none other than Betty's Pies along the North Shore, north of Two Harbors on Highway 61.

Drive by this immensely popular roadside stop any weekend during the summer, and you're bound to see a full parking lot enjoying food from the restaurant or their famous pie.

Now, some Northlanders might argue that nearby Rustic Inn Cafe, just north a few miles on the highway, has better pie than Betty's Pies. I won't personally weigh into that argument, but I can tell you they both have delicious pie.

Anyway, back to Betty's Pies. This well-known pie destination has developed a great reputation among anyone from around the country (and even around the world) who has stopped by this North Shore shop.

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For anyone craving pie from Betty's Pies, they (like a lot of other bakeries) offer the option to have one of their pies shipped to you. Betty's Pies is teamed up with a national food delivery brand called Goldbelly. They feature cakes, pies, cookies, and other delicious goods from around the country that you can order and have shipped.

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As one Redditor noticed when looking at the Betty's Pies ordering page, when you go to order one of the pies from Betty's Pies, you can either pay the $59.99 (plus associated taxes and fees), or you can opt for the monthly payment plan.

Yep, that's right. A monthly payment plan for pie.

Betty's Pies
Betty's Pies

GoldBelly is teamed up with Klarna, which is a company that offers installment plans across a lot of retail websites online. To order that pie, you could make 4 interest-free payments of 14.98 if you'd rather do it that way.

Now, to be fair, this isn't exclusive to Betty's Pies. It is something their distribution partner (and a lot of the internet) offers. But you have to admit, it is pretty funny that there's an option to pay an installment plan for dessert.

I guess if you really have a hankerin' for some pie but don't want to spend the $60 to have it sent to you all at once, there's an option out there for you.

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