This is...odd. A chaotic scene broke out in a Minnesota Subway shop recently and the reason why is wild. This all went down in Rochester in late August.

There have been some odd crime stories making headlines lately in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In August, a Minnesota man somehow made his way to Wisconsin, went into a stranger's home and tried to take a bath.

Police were called and nobody was hurt but obviously it was a scary and odd situation. The man thought he was at his home in Rochester with his girlfriend when he was actually in Chippewa Falls. This all went down around six in the morning.

There was also another scary situation that made headlines in the form of a scam. This took place a few hours from Duluth when a man with a daughter was told she was being held hostage until he took out a large sum of money. This was all a scam.

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There are scary crime stories and then there are just straight odd stories and this is a good example of that, although this got a little bit ugly. A 33-year-old woman from Rochester was at a local Subway shop and went back in to complain about her sandwich being too small.

This happened in late August on a Thursday. KAAL TV reported on the story, stating that when she went in to complain about the sandwich size and was turned away, she threatened the employee behind the counter and then hit them with the item that holds the gift cards.

Things only escalated from there, with the employee who was hit with the gift card holder later telling police that he also had his hair pulled and was punched several times. The owner of the restaurant was also punched by the same woman, according to the report.

The scariest part of the whole encounter? The woman also threatened the employees, saying that her boyfriend would come back and "shoot up" the restaurant and told the employees that they had wasted their life over a sandwich. She was implying that her boyfriend would circle back and end their lives, which also cost her a charge of making a terroristic threat.

Thankfully, the employees were able to get her out of the building and locked the doors. She did gain access to the store later on after they unlocked the door and brought her boyfriend. However, that is where things ended.

The 33-year-old now faces multiple charges, including fifth degree assault and fourth degree burglary, among other charges. She will be in court in September and I will be following this very unusual case.

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