The early spring storm system that just rolled through Minnesota brought 6 to 8 inches of snowfall across the Twin Cities and dumped more than a foot of snow in areas of northern Minnesota.

After a snowy end to March, many Minnesotans are looking forward to some nice spring weather.

But will we continue to have a cold, wet spring or will April bring dry warmth? Or vice-versa? Or something else? The answer is: probably, maybe, yes.

Let's take a look at the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center's official 30-day forecast and see what kind of weather might be in store for April 2024 across the North Star State.

Minnesota's April Precipitation Outlook💦

The U.S. Drought monitor has the majority of Minnesota currently listed in the moderate drought range, with the far southeast tip of the state and areas of north-central Minnesota experiencing severe drought.

Unfortunately, the latest precipitation prediction for The Land of 10,000 Lakes does not offer much hope for a rainy relief from the drought conditions.

According to the latest NOAA 30-day forecast, most of Minnesota is predicted to have equal chances for below-normal precipitation and above-normal precipitation. So at this point, it could go either way.

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Northeastern areas of Minnesota are leaning toward having a month of below-normal precipitation, at a 30-40 percent probability.

minnesota precipitation forcast
NOAA (tap to enlarge)

Minnesota April Temperature Outlook 🌡️

After experiencing one of the mildest winters on record in Minnesota, it looks like the trend of above-normal temperatures will continue into spring this year.

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Those of you up north will likely have above-normal temperatures this April with a probability of 50-70 percent, while central and southern Minnesota areas are predicted to lean toward experiencing above-normal temperatures with a probability of 33-50 percent.

Minnesota april temp forecast
NOAA (tap to enlarge)

There you have it. According to the NOAA, April in Minnesota will likely be a warmer than usual month with equal chances of below or above-normal precipitation

For reference, a typical high temperature in the Twin Cities area in April is 57°F and the average precipitation is 2.31 inches.

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