Back in July of this year, we got an announcement that The Eagles would be hitting the road again at the end of the year for their "Long Goodbye" Farewell Tour.

The tour was initially slated for 13 dates, with their final stop being at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on November 17. They have since added additional dates, which include a second date in Minnesota, November 18 at the Xcel Energy Center, and concluding with dates in Los Angeles in early January.

When the tour was announced, Steely Dan was promoted as the opening act for this big tour. Having never personally seen The Eagles, I just had to see them before they retired from touring. The fact that Steely Dan was going to be on the tour was pretty exciting for me!

I enjoy quite a bit of Steely Dan's catalog, and getting to see both of these acts together as part of one concert seemed like a big win! Then some sad news popped up in early October.

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While Steely Dan did indeed start the tour with The Eagles in September, they ended up having to temporarily step away due to Steely Dan singer Donald Fagen heading to the hospital for an illness.

Steely Dan In Concert - New York, NY
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Until Fagen was able to return to touring, The Eagles got acts like Steve Miller and Sheryl Crow to step in as opening acts for dates through the month of October.

While Fagen's stay in the hospital was (thankfully) short, he did not return to the road for the Eagles tour through the remainder of October. That said, he and Steely Dan do intend to return to the Eagles farewell tour.

Will Steely Dan be the opening act for The Eagles Farewell tour stops in Minnesota?

The good news is that Steely Dan will reportedly be making a return to the Eagles tour as soon as November 2 for the stop in Atlanta.

If this holds true, this means Steely Dan should be playing as part of the Eagles tour stops in Minnesota on November 17 and 18 in St. Paul.

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