You're sitting on the couch, and you squeeze a little tiny gas out. You're loved one gives you a look. It's ok. You're at the gym working out, you bend over to lift up your weights and you rip one out the back of your new exercise outfit, it's ok. I know you are saying, I would never do that, but really, according to the info I found at, you don't have control or a choice.

My cousin's husband Drew says he has trouble holding his farts in while running or sometimes while working out. There is a reason for that. According to they say because you are breathing hard you take in more air and it goes in to your digestive tract, because you are working out it speeds up digestion, so it puts the air through faster. So it has to go somewhere. They don't smell, until you eat healthy food, that's when that food ferments and causes the odor.

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