I know this is just toilet humor, but it worked for Dumb and Dumber, speaking of that.....Rayman and I were discussing this one day. We tend to discuss science and how it affects our lives. Why does one soda make you belch more than another, which one makes you belch the most?

In this scientific study of the fart, which is more smelly. The loud life changing fart or the silent one the Rayman blames on me all the time. These are questions we need answered and I needed to get that off my chest so that people know, it wasn't me, it was Rayman. You also learn what foods help create this bomb and how to get it to be worse. You know, scientific stuff!

Onions, Broccoli, Bacon, and Beer.....those are some of the worst things to eat. They ferment along the way to being digested and help make the smells. Where does the air come from? Sometimes it's air you swallow, sometimes it's created by the food.

Here is the answer, to see if the theory is correct.