My buddy told me the other day his car quit on a side street and he was thankful it was in town. He didn't have anything in his car or trunk to help him had something gone wrong. Everyone needs one of these and here are some things to have in it, Your Auto Survival Kit.

Jim Rink, from AAA, says these are the items every motorist should have stashed in his or her car:

Flashlight and flares or reflective triangle.

Charger or extra mobile charger for your cell phone

First aid supplies

Screwdriver, wrench, and other basic tools

Extra Coat Hat and gloves.

Always have jumper cables

Kitty Litter for traction

An ice scraper and brush

A couple of Warm Blankets

Some Granola bars and Chocolate.


Just Remember, a cell phone is great, but if there is no service or weather is so bad that you call someone to come and get you, it may be a while before they get there. Conserve your phone battery, use your GPS on it if you can to let people know where you are. Most of all tell everyone which way you are going so they know where to find you.

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