Ah, winter weather!  The snow, the cold, the ice - folks either love it or grin-and-bear it.  Chances are, though that just as most adults pray for mild winter conditions, most school-age children are doing just the opposite.  A chanced "day off" from school due to impassable roads or blinding blizzard conditions are the stuff that kids dream of.

Invariably, as winter rolls along folks start to second-guess the decisions of school administrators - as in "why did they" or "why didn't they" cancel school on a particular morning.  Their kids often do the same.  Many variables play a role in whether or not school; along with the necessary curriculum hours that a district needs to put  in, school administrators also take into account the role that school plays for meals and a destination for the day - while many parents are gone at work.

In advance of this years harsh winter weather, the Superior School District has issued a set of guidelines outlining their decision-making process.  Superior School Administrator Amy Starzecki sent out an email to parents in the district on November 12, which linked back to a PDF attainable on the district website.  The release outlined four important questions that most parents have about school closures - namely:

  • How is the decision made?
  • When and how will I be notified?
  • What about other activities?
  • What if I don't feel the conditions are safe?

Click here to read the detailed answers to each of the questions listed above.

In general, the district offers the following advice for parents if they disagree: "You may always excuse you child's absence for weather reasons and keep your child home for the day".

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