Everson Griffen and the Minnesota Vikings are both in a spot. Everson wants to keep playing and retire a Viking, Minnesota needs help and might be recognizing Griffen was a good player.

This is only a tryout. The Minnesota Vikings may pass on him and then what? He may be forced to retire or go somewhere else if he still wants to play and be a backup and teach the up-and-coming guys. That is a real possibility.

Sports Illustrated says the Vikings need him and he still has enough gas in the tank to produce. Maybe he puts in a year or two and then retires. I just think this says a lot about each side. Minnesota knows what kind of a player he is, they could sign him and watch him in the pre-season. He has declined and maybe doesn't have the same mentality he once had. He is 12 years into his NFL career and he has to prove himself.

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When the Vikings let him go he went to Dallas, I think he is a good player but he didn't fit in their defensive scheme, and I think he was a little depressed being let go by Minnesota and passed on by Seattle. Dallas let him go to the Detroit Lions, and he found his stride but the Lions are a terrible team.

I think this would be a win-win. He will inspire the defense to get better, he will be sparked by being back in purple and in a situation he knows. Because he knows this defense, he knows Mike Zimmer. We will have to see. I predict he does well and they sign him.

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