There was a post on the Nextdoor App from JM Smith asking how people felt about other people using their garbage bins to deposit bags of dog poop.

If you are picking up after your dog you have the poop in a bag, you could take it home. Some people are complaining you can smell the bag and the odor is too strong to carry it around for a while, so some people started putting their doggy poop bags in other people's garbage cans. How do people feel about that?

First, the question is posted below. Is it rude, or is it illegal, which was brought up by another person, to put dog poop bags in other people's garbage cans? After all, they pay the bill for that can and it's not yours. It certainly might be considered rude to toss your garbage in someone else's can. Isn't dog poop essentially garbage?

Here is something to think about. If you pick up a small wrapper or paper in someone's yard and put it in their garbage can they should be happy that you helped their yard look clean.

So, I pose this question to you, If your dog does their business in someone's yard, if you pick it up wouldn't you be doing them a favor by cleaning something out of their yard and putting it in their can?

Or do you see it this way? That is your dog's poop, don't put it in my garbage can. That is what I expected from people in Duluth. I figured people would see it as it's your garbage. That they wouldn't want someone walking by putting their garbage in your can.

Here is what people had to say:

  • Mel said: I’m okay with people using my trash can. I have a container that hooks to my dog's retractable leash. It has a top to it and I can transport my poo bags home in it.
  • Edward said: People can leave their doggie-doo in my garbage can any day! The odor is a raccoon repellant, so my can will not be tipped over. I’d rather have doggie bags than have to shovel and pick up my garbage.
  • Ellen said: My can lives by the street only when there's a lot of snow on the ground. At other times it's out only when full and then after it's been dumped I bring it down away from where people walk. I don't mind if a well-sealed poop bag is put into it. PLEASE avoid the recycling can!

Some people weren't thrilled because they felt that the poop would stink up the can if it was empty, or if the bag wasn't tied off right, the poop would implant on the side of the can.

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So the other question is, are you breaking a law by putting your dog's poop in someone else's garbage can?

Lisa found the original ordinance, here's what she said:

Here's the text: Sec. 24-3. (a) Upsetting of containers prohibited; using containers of another prohibited. No person shall willfully turn over or upset any vessel or container used for storing manure, recyclables, compost or solid waste, thereby spilling the contents or any portion thereof on any street, highway or public grounds or upon private property owned by another person; (b) No person shall place solid waste or any other material in a solid waste container of another without the expressed or implicit consent of the person responsible for the disposal of the 3 contents of the container. Consent shall be presumed for trash containers placed for public convenience along streets and sidewalks and in buildings of public accommodation. (Ord. No. 5618, § 374; Ord. No. 8254, 7-26-1976, § 2; Ord. No. 9011, 12-10-1990, § 3.)

It's not illegal, it sounds like it's up to the can owner.

There are stickers available, if you don't want dog poop in your can, you can order a sticker, if you do want to be a poop-friendly can, you can put a sticker on your can. I think that's a great idea.

The next question is, people don't own their cans, so how does Hartel or Waste Management feel about that? They are ok with it, but it must come off when the person stops their service and returns their can.

How do you feel?

Here's a good debate about when to throw it away, both good points.

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