The Internal Revenue Service doesn't mess around.  The agency recently brought charges against a Washburn County business owner that failed to file payroll taxes during a three year period, totaling more than $239,000.

According to the IRS Criminal Investigation - and the news story from KBJR-TV, Deborah Brown has been named in the charges in connection with the business she co-owns and operates called Omni Designs International.  The business is located in the Village of Birchwood, Wisconsin, which is just across Highway 53 and to the south-east of Spooner in Washburn County.

The 13 counts in federal court stem from the allegations that Brown "allegedly failed to pay payroll taxes for 13 consecutive quarters, adding up to about $239,000 in income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes".

In the details related to the case, the Internal Revenue Service indictment alleges that the 67-year old Brown was in charge of the financial decision making for the company.  Specifically, Brown was the one who was "responsible for bookkeeping and made the financial decisions for the company, including the payment of employment taxes".  As such, she was ultimately responsible for making sure that the associated payroll taxes were filed and paid in full to the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax evasion charges are a federal crime and bring serious implications for those convicted. According to the details shared in the article from KBJR, the maximum penalty that Brown faces - if convicted - is 65 years in federal prison - or five years for each count.

Brown awaits a federal court date.  Conviction and any associated penalties will be determined at that time.

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