Change is hard.  The roundabout at Highway 169 and Highway 37 in Hibbing - one of two new Iron Range roundabouts to open within the past month or so - has stimulated some of the same rumors that the intersection-method created here in the Twin Ports.

According to new reports, residents of the town started spreading the rumor that the roundabout was built "too small" and "wouldn't accomdate larger vehicles" - like logging trucks and semis; the story also suggested that MNDOT would have to go back and rebuild it to a larger size.

All of this is untrue according to the DOT.  Hibbing Daily Tribune is reporting the MNDOT spokesperson Beth Petrowske commented "The roundabout is built to the correct size.  Rumors that the new roundabout at Highway 169, Highway 37 was built too small are false.”

Twin Ports drivers might remember when the roundabout at the base of the Bong Bridge first opened up that similar stories were going around.  While it's true that some larger vehicles might take a little extra time and attention getting through the circular intersection, engineers designed them to fully accommodate.  Observant drivers will take note of the red concrete that exists near the center section;  while normal vehicles shouldn't drive on those areas, trucks that need the extra space can.

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