I was able to take a trip up the North Shore to check out a couple of beaches I wrote about some time ago.

I was writing about a website that mentioned how beautiful they were and how tourists went up there and rated them very highly. In my original post, people talked about how Iona's Beach sang. I didn't find a noise that sounded like singing, but I did hear a noise every time the water washed up on the rocks.

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When you enter the beach they start out as 3 to 4-inch rocks, but as you get closer to the water the rocks become smaller. When you walk into the lake (which is cold I might add) the rocks are thrown around by the water and when you stand in them you actually sink a little.

Chris Allen

When I went to Iona's Beach, there is a boat launch, which was beautiful to walk on because the water was crystal clear and allowed you to see the lake. If you take the trail from there you will find a little hideaway beach, I don't know if it has a name, but it is hard to navigate to the beach because you have to come down a hill.

Chris Allen
Iona's Beach

I continued down the trail and found a lookout area and took a picture. I soon found the entrance to Iona's beach. As soon as you come to the entrance you kind of feel like the rocks are slippery, not slimy, but slippery. When you walk on them they move under your feet. As I said, I didn't hear any singing but there was a noise the rocks made when they were moving with the waves crashing over them.

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Only in your state says Pink Rocks have washed ashore and because of the makeup of the rocks when the water pushes them ashore to the beach. The description goes on to say when the rocks scrape on each other it makes it sound like singing. Again, I didn't hear the singing. They do rub against each other but I don't know how they got to be pink, but Iona's Beach was beautiful and I set up a chair and just relaxed. The beach was very quiet that day.

Iona's Pink Beach

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