Everyone in this area knows you can keep driving North along the beaches of Lake Superior and each one is more unique and picturesque.

On the website Only In Your State, many people took pictures and made recommendations to visit both and explorationvacation says Black Beach also known as Onyx Beach and Iona's Beach both located around Silver Bay. Each of them having beautiful pictures submitted and talked about the combination of water and forests.

explorationvacation says the black sand is not that way from the rocks or shipping being close to the beach, it's from a history of taconite companies dumping taconite into the water around the area and the color of the taconite mixing with the sand and rocks to create that color. It is a unique, one of a kind beach in the state.

Iona's Beach is also unique, sometimes called the singing beach. Only in your state says Pink Rocks have washed ashore and because of the makeup of the rocks when the water pushes them ashore to the beach. The description goes on to say when the rocks scrape on each other it makes it sound like singing.

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