Jeffery Wright teaches subjects that kids hate. Math and Science.....and yet everyone wants to be in his classes. Everyone considers him their favorite teacher. Why? That is the right, or Wright question.

Jeff's son Adam was born with Gilbert Syndrome, only 200+ people in the world have it. He tells the story of when Adam was born, he had dreams of football and baseball, like every father. When he was told about the disease, all those dreams died. He was angry, angry at the world, angry at God. He could have let it rule his life.

That's when he asked himself, what was the point of this, or anything in life. The question was why? He was talking to Abby, his daughter, who had Adam in her room and said they were playing, so he could see. They could reach him, with love.

So, Jeff tells his class, the why is love. He reaches out to his kids and gets to know them. Because he cares he reaches them. Because he loves what he does they learn from him.

Watch this inspiring movie of Jeff Wright from the New York Times.


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