With crime up in schools and bullying issues at the forefront of school discussion, dress codes are being thrust upon students across America. Some school districts are now imposing dress codes on their teachers as well. Some school districts are imposing rules for hairstyles, tattoos, or body piercings. Jeans are out and so are skinny straps. Some teachers argue that they want to be comfortable at work and are speaking out against the new rules, while others are welcoming the rules and say what is good for the kids is good for them. They look at it as a way to lead by example.

Personally, I think in some areas they do need those restrictions. Some of the kids mark their gang territory with their clothing and so this is a way to combat that. Overall, I think teachers do just fine in whatever they wear, but I see most teachers wearing comfortable nice clothing to school, besides, leading by example can be more in the attitude and the way they treat the kids.

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