A group of city leaders and community members aim to improve public transportation in Superior.  They're starting to meet to put together plans that would make changes to the existing routes provided by the Duluth Transit Authority with the intent to provide more service.

The impact could be huge.  According to news reports, Superior residents are currently served by two DTA routes:  One that runs from downtown to Billings Park and South Superior, and the inter-city Duluth-Superior route that provides transportation across the bridge.  While most of the routes offer buses every half hour or so, there are potential customers who face hour-long wait times; in addition, buses stop service early in the evening, preventing some potential customers from riding due to scheduling conflicts.

At the same time, federal and state funding provided for mass transit systems has dried up.  While operational costs have increased, the revenue side of the budget hasn't kept pace - both from rider fares and those subsidies that governmental agencies provide.

Officials say that the plan on making improved mass communication a priority at the annual Superior Days lobbying effort in Madison.

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