If you go get your shoes shined, and you have to take the guys word for it, there's a good chance you're overweight. Not only is your weight killing you, but it can make you stupid as well. Researchers now tell us the brains of obese people need to work much harder than those of normal weight people to achieve the very same results.

The reason for this is simple according to Mens Health. Certain parts of the brain responsible for memory and decisiveness break down in overweight people, but function normally in average weight people. High blood pressure, often associated with those of us who are overweight, causes the brain irritation which in turn slows it's communication system  causing confusion, difficulty in understanding, and impulsiveness to name a few.

Let's talk about the old sex drive. Lowered testosterone levels of 40 to 50 % are not uncommon.Couple that with chronic depression, and dementia and we've got good reason to slim down, watch what and how much we eat, and get started on a very moderate exercise program.