We can expect a ship to come through the canal soon, the Coast Guard is out chopping ice up to make way for the boats.

Boreal says in the next two weeks, the Coast Guard will make their way up to Thunder Bay then to the Apostle Islands, where they will take a couple of days to break the ice, according to the Coast Guard.

The locks of Sault Ste Marie will open on March 25th, so the cutter has to have everything passable by that time so they can make it to their respective ports. Boreal reports that the NOAA says the peak ice level happened in mid-February.

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You can see the Coast Guard Cutter doing its work on the lake and has been cleaning out the bay as well. You can hear the ice being crushed on the front of the boat. You can hear the same thing if you are on the William A. Irvin when you go to the front of the boat.

In the CBS report below, the men on the boat describe the sound as a bunch of earthquakes while you are driving through the lake. The captain says it's like being on an earthquake for 18 hours. The ship can not go that fast either or you will bust through the hull. According to the Coast Guard website about Cutters, it can break 32 inches of ice traveling 3 knots.

What's It like to be on an Ice Breaker, check out this CBS Report.

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