A detour and a closed exit ramp into town await drivers on I-35 near Barnum next summer.  In advance of the road construction project, officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have scheduled a public meeting to get information about to the general public and solicit commentary.

The meeting will happen Tuesday, September 28 at 5:30 PM.  Similar to all meetings coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this one will also be held virtually - with a provided link.

The actual road work is scheduled to start in late May 2022 and run through the summer into August.  MNDOT crews will "remove existing unbonded concrete overlay and install new unbonded concrete overlay".  The eventual benefits for drivers after the work is complete include a smoother road surface, extended pavement life, and reduced maintenance upkeep and [budget] costs".

D.R. Gonzalez
D.R. Gonzalez

As shared above, a detour will be in place during the road work on I-35 and the exit ramp that leads into Barnum will also see a closure.  Here are the specific traffic impacts for the project:

  • The northbound side of Interstate 35 will be closed for the duration of the road construction project (i.e. May to August).
  • Northbound I-35 traffic will be shifted to the southbound side of I-35, with a two-way head to head traffic configuration in place.
  • Northbound Exit 220 at Barnum will be closed for approximately 10 weeks.
  • Exit 220 traffic will be detoured at Exit 214 through Moose Lake, along Highway 73 and County Road 61 to Barnum.
  • All other ramps are anticipated to remain open during the road construction project.

Total estimated cost for the road construction project is $9.9 million.

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During the virtual meeting, officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will present the updated details about the project that they have.  There will also be a time for general commentary and questions from the general public. To take part in the virtual meeting, click here to visit MNDOT's project page - where you'll find a link. Additional information about any of the road construction projects coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation can be found by clicking here.

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