As the summer road construction season kicks into high gear, a variety of projects are starting to pop up.  Some of them are large in scale and require multiple years to complete - like the Twin Ports Interchange Project on I-35, while others have more moderate timelines for wrapping up.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is alerting drivers to a five-week project that's expected to start right after the Memorial Day Weekend break.

Starting Tuesday, May 31, contractors with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will begin work to install fiber optic cable along the I-35 corridor from Proctor to Cloquet.  Because the majority of the project work will take place off of the shoulder of the road, major impacts to drivers and traffic flow isn't anticipated. However, MNDOT is urging drivers to slow down for that work zone, stay alert, and be ready for and anticipate changing situations.


As the project detail sits right now, the Minnesota Department of Transportation sees the fiber optic installation work to last about five weeks in total. That would see this particular road construction work wrapping up by July 7.  However, similar to any outdoor road construction project, that timetable could be affected by a wide variety of factors - including weather and unforeseen circumstances.

To get updates on this particular road construction project or any of the work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their website.  You'll find very-detailed project pages for each of the projects - including background information, timelines, and budgets. MNDOT also provides real-time traffic data as well for highways across the state of Minnesota.

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