When you think of surfing you think of California, The Beach Boys, tan bodies and huge waves in the OCEAN, not LAKE.

I see people surfing on Lake Superior on Park Point all the time in the Summer. I don't see really tall waves but those people I see usually can catch whatever wave and make it work. The most popular time to surf on Lake Superior is the Winter, why?

Minnesota Monthly says that the bigger winds come between November and February. The temps are also around the 30s (in the water) and a bit colder out of the water so you have to dress warm both in and out of the water. It's recommended to wear a high-quality, 6mm-thick hooded wetsuit.

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Dave Rostvold, who has a surfboard workshop in Duluth called Castle Glass tells Minnesota Monthly that it's a rush to surf in the frigid waters and wipe the frozen mist from your face and brows. He also said the waves aren't as big so you have to have some skills and know some maneuvers to ride one.

Joe Herron has been photographing people surfing in Lake Superior, he tells Minnesota Monthly that he has done so when the outside temp has been -17F and he couldn't stand it anymore. You can see some of his pics on his website joeherron.net.

Women are making a name for themselves too on Lake Superior. Priya Sulzer, Patrizia Zanella, and Jenny Schwietz are three women who have been taking to the lake too. Jenny is featured in Women's Press and says the only time she won't surf is when the lake is frozen over.

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