Death is a subject that most of us like to not think about.  However, death is a part of life and it touches us all in many different ways throughout our lives.  As we grow up and live out our years, everyone eventually loses the friends and loved ones around them.  And - it is the eventual end to our own lives.

The causes of death - both internal and external - are many.  Accidents, health issues, so-called "natural causes" - the medical profession has tracked and studied the origination of the end since the beginning of time.   So what have we learned? Well for one thing, the older you get your odds of dying of a internal health-related causes increase.

A new interactive graph by Flowing Data allows you to see how those causes track against your age.  Taken a step further, the site allows you to enter your own sex, race and age to see how the percentages ebb and flow for you in the decades to come.

I shared this site for two reasons:  One, I found the medical data - as presented - interesting.  In addition, I was pleased that the content wasn't presented as "click bait" and results weren't sensationalized.  (i.e. you don't end up with a tombstone featuring your name and a date).


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