I spent a couple of hours doing searches trying to figure out if there was a plan for any league. level or sport that had a plan to award the champion for the Coronavirus shortened seasons.

There is not for any league. Should there be? We could take the team with the best record and give them the trophy, would that solve anything? Are the leagues going to just let it hang and have no champions?

I listen to the talk shows on The Fan 560 and 106-5 and they all say it's going to just end. They all bring up the fact that the seniors won't bring up their draft value because there won't be any last-minute heroics.

We might not have any juniors, sophomores, or freshman jumping ship to get into the draft because they had a hot tournament. Sometimes players don't have a good season but have a hot playoff.

How do you think they should settle the champion of the season?

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