Ever wonder if your car can go as fast as the speedometer says? You've looked and seen 150, 200 miles per hour? Can your car really go that fast or is the car maker just filling up the rest of the space with numbers to look impressive? It's actually because of American Culture.

We want to go fast, so car makers have been making speedometers that have top speeds that we will never achieve. According to ABCnews, when people are looking at cars, if they go fast they appear sportier. People shopping for a new ride also think a car is stronger and gets better gas mileage if it is a high top speed but "responsible", what ever that means.

According to ABCnews, car dealers say the cars on the road are not designed for and will not go over 110 mph. Most of the time the high speeds are so the driver thinks the car looks more powerful. Next time you look down and think, I can take this guy. Think again, your car might beat your grandma, but it isn't ready to take on NASCAR yet.


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