I have had to pay to park at one of those posts and sometimes it's hard to find where to pay, and do you bring quarters or can you pay with a card. I'm glad to hear the City of Duluth. I spend 15 minutes on the phone one day because the sign said to download the app, and I couldn't get it to show Duluth.

The City of Duluth Parking Services Division is seeking City Council approval on an agreement with PassportParking, Inc. to provide parking payment services via mobile app and associated signage for all public on-street metered, off-street lot spaces, and off-street metered lot spaces in the city. The new services should work well with a mobile app.

Benefits to customers are: easy tracking of time allocation including reminder alerts thus reducing the chances of ticketing; a quick time extension process for parking spots which means no significant disruption to your activities when away from your car; reduces the need for carrying loose change; and most importantly, is a convenient way to manage your schedule and enjoy activities. In addition, under this contract, PassportParking will provide customer service and respond to inquiries or system service problems.


According to the press release from the city. Mayor Emily Larson says easier parking should lead to tourists having a better time and spending more money.

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