Last weekend, I deep-cleaned my vacuum and I was very surprised with the results!

While I've often emptied the bag and rinsed off the filter under water, I decided to do a little extra this time around.  I had a hunch that using an air compressor to remove any built-up dirt on the jets and ports of the machine would help - and it did!

I should point out that I own a bagless, "cyclone-style" vacuum.

My process for cleaning the vacuum?

  • After unplugging it, I brought the vacuum outside; This is a very important step as the remainder of my tips will stir up a lot of dust and dirt - and while it stirs up a lot of dirt and grim, it's worth it on the end.
  • Then, I removed the canister-part that accumulates the dirt you pick up along the way.  First, I emptied it into the garbage dumpster and then I used an air compressor to blow away the remaining grime.
  • I utilized the air compressor to also clean out all of the little ports that circle around the cone-part that fits in to the canister.
  • I removed the round filter from the top-part of he canister - which I later washed under hot water.  (I also gave it a good once-over with the air compressor).
  • Finally - and it's a step that can be often overlooked - I removed the Hepa filter from the lower end of my vacuum.  While my Hepa filter isn't a disposable one, I was able to blow the dirt off it with the air compressor.  This step was the one that really surprised me as to how much dirt and dust came off of it.
  • Later, I reassembled my vacuum and tried it out.  In my experience, I got better results after cleaning it out.

The following link displays some of these steps - although performed on a different brand than the one I own.  However, they provide a good visualization of the steps I described.

Good luck!



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