Nothing is more frustrating than driving down the road coming up to a stop sign and having a parked car directly behind the stop sign. Which can lead to a very dangerous situation with incoming cars and outgoing cars on the street with little or no room for two other cars. So what exactly is the law when it comes to parking by a stop sign or end of the block?

So looking into this question I looked on the Internet and also called the Superior Police Department and they were very helpful. Speaking with officer Kiel he led me to a website called There you can look up your state your city to find all your ordinances on parking and other questions.

And my question that was given to him is that at the end of the street that I live on, the people park right next to the stop sign which makes it very difficult in order to get onto 21st St. or get off it, if another vehicle is already waiting. So just like any laws it tends to be a bit confusing such as parking prohibited to specific places

We find in section 112 – 51 subsection C number seven states do not park closer than 15 feet to the limits of its crosswalk. Number eight states in such a manner as to block obstruct or impede vehicle traffic. Also searching the web I came up from anywhere from 15+ feet from a stop sign.

So with this knowledge I will head out with a tape measure and head to the end of the block to measure out if these people are parking their car just as crazy as it is driving me. I will give you an update soon.

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