Every year we see it coming but few of us actually prepare. Christmas shopping season is almost here! Most of us are taken in by the big deals on black Friday, and spend more money than we need to. There are some tips that can help all of us fulfill your child's dreams and save your wallet.

So, what do we do? According to Mummy Money Matters, here are 10 steps to help you with good choices to save up and spend what you want to on your children.

1. Start saving now, if you put away the money you won't have to borrow or put it on a credit card high in interest.

2. Make a gift list and set a budget. For friends and family members, set a budget for the list and really decide whether you need to buy for that person.

3. Shop now (and do it online). You can usually find it online cheaper and will all the online incentives can save on top of that.

4. Make use of loyalty points. If you have a store loyalty card, see how many points you have and use these to pay for groceries and gifts.

5. Book travel now. If you are planning to travel, then book your tickets now. Prices creep up each day, especially for flights.

6. Stock up. Buy bulk when you can on food and save money to use for your Christmas shopping and cut your grocery bill.

7. Go cheap for Secret Santa. Don't get yourself into a Secret Santa if you can't afford it, do you want to be popular at work or richer? If you can't get out of it, get something really cheap or home made. They will either love it or let you out of the pool.

8. Cashback credit card. If you have to use a credit card, earn some cash back on it.

9. Borrowing money. If you need to borrow, then get a 0% interest card – you can get as much as 25 months 0% interest on your spending, or just pay it off in a couple of months. Some cards will let you pay it off right away and you can escape the interest by paying it back right away.

10. The kids. Pleasing the kids will no doubt be the biggest expense you face. Don’t give into peer pressure. Set yourself a limit and stick to it. They don't have to have the latest technology or pad. Good lesson for them. If they don't get it, save and work for it.


Great tips for the holiday shopping season, I'll probably start shopping in December.