Hilton Scott is a little different than most bands, but the desired sound comes across every time.

Hilton Scott is made up of two brothers who are Duluth based songwriters. They released an EP earlier this year, and they are currently working on a new album. What makes them different is that they collaborate with a wide variety of singers who are "featured" on some of the songs they have written.

They do most of their recording at home and it has helped with the social distancing to be able to record at home. They have been able to work with singers who have done their recording at home as well.

I talked mostly with Scott, who is the leader of the band. He told me he started his music career with the guitar. He wished that he had taken and played the piano. He started on guitar in the 7th grade and made it a practice to do scales and learn all the basics.

Scott first wrote songs on his guitar, and his first taste of an audience was a school variety show playing "Stairway To Heaven". Which was a pretty bold step to start with.

The Roots of Hilton Scott started with Elvis and other oldies. Scott says his brothers introduced him to hair bands like Guns N Roses and other 80s bands. He says he didn't come from a musical family but there were some music instruments played by a few people in his family, but one really took it very seriously.

He had a great story to share. The band opened for GB Leighton and when they were doing a soundcheck, they were given a cooler of all kinds of drinks and liquor and they thought they were pretty important. A couple minutes later, the guy came back and said that it wasn't for them. So much for being important.

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