According to WCCO:CBS/Local a person named Melanie G. S. Walby posted videos on Twitter as she watched people walk by what seemed like a bush in a planter by the side of the historic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. No reason has been given as to why this man or a woman decided to don the costume but it is awfully fun to watch people walk by and have a bush jump out at them.

All of the people that walked by at the time seemed to take it in stride, typical Minnesota Nice, unlike some other videos I have seen of people instinctively swinging at whoever jumped out at them.

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The Stone Arch Bridge is the only one of its kind spanning the mighty Mississippi River below. This beautiful bridge is also lit up with different colored lights many times during the year. According to this bridge was built way back in 1883 to help get people and various items across the Mississippi River. The bridge was an active railroad bridge until 1965, but now the only wheels you will see are Segways, bicycles, and scooters.

Above is another bushman prank that was done in Ireland, thankfully everyone was a pretty good sport about it and the reactions are hilarious. If this would ever happen to me I would probably pee my pants on the spot. I guess from now on before I walk by some bushes I need to be cautious so that I do not get attacked.

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