The work is done - for now - at the Highway 23 Bridge site in Pleasant Valley in Carlton County.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have announced that the work scheduled for the 2020 season has wrapped up as of December 2 and the bridge site is open for traffic.  The re-opened bridge will be available for drivers all winter long - with no further impacts scheduled until the spring 2021 road construction season starts; MNDOT has some finishing details to take care of once the weather permits.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation spent the summer road construction season working on the bridge and surrounding area along Highway 23. Part of the work entailed restoring a segment of Deer Creek that has been altered by the previous existing bridge.  In general, the new bridge represents an improved road surface with additional safety considerations - completely meeting current design and construction standards.

While the work has been finished for 2020, there are some minor details that need further attention in the spring.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be back on site to complete the "punch list" once weather permits and the spring 2021 road construction season begins.  While some traffic impacts should be anticipated, MNDOT doesn't foresee an unusually large amount of them.

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To learn more about the work that was completed this summer on the Highway 23 Deer Creek Bridge - and - to get further details about what's still to come this upcoming spring, visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation's online construction page.  Click here for all of the details.

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