There is ice forming on lakes far sooner than we normally see in The Northland. Typically, we don't see ice forming like this until early December. Every single year multiple people go through early ice, and sadly often die. The DNR has it's ice thickeness guidelines, but the main one to watch this time of year is at least 4" of ice to walk on.

Don't take a four wheeler or snowmobile out until there is at least 6" of ice. A car or small truck, 8-12". A large full size pick up should be at least 12," but ideally even more like 15."

It's just not worth going through the ice to get out on the fish that bad. Be safe, be smart. Ask local bait shops and guides about thickness and conditions. It varies greatly across the lake. These cold temperatures came early, but there also will be warmer temperatures still in November. That's going to affect the quality of the ice as well.

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Be sure to buy ice picks and wear them around your neck so you can pull yourself out if you do. Wear a life jacket or float-able ice gear. If you go through the ice you're not only endangering your life, but also those people going out to rescue you.

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