As we come into motorcycle season in the Twin Ports, many organizations and groups are organizing various rides for the year.  Some are for charities and good causes, some are in memorial of someone who passed away, and some are just for fun all around.

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I've ridden plenty of times with larger groups with dozens to hundreds of motorcycles, but it's really not my favorite.  Even groups doing a weekend ride with only a handful of bikes isn't the most appealing to me anymore.

Don't get me wrong, there is something awesome about rolling along in a pack with loud exhaust and kind of being in that moment as bikes cruise with the sound of thunder.  It's a pretty great feeling.  On the flip side, you are generally riding next to a bunch of people you don't know, and that can be dangerous.

It almost never fails when I'm riding in a larger group, that I end up next to some moron who isn't riding like they should.  They either don't respect a staggered position, have no concept of other bikes on the ride, or I've even had guys try to race within the group.  Group riding isn't a time to show-off, and very few people are impressed when others do that, yet there is always someone on rides doing it.  You also always get the people who drink at every stop, and I'm a 'two wheels two beers' kind of guy, if that.  Adding the drunky element to a ride is never pleasant to be around.


Because of all of that, I have stayed away from larger rides for several years now, other than a couple that mean something more to me because of someone who passed away.  Even on those special to me rides, based on the last one I was on, I will be taking up the rear of the ride going forward to avoid potential issues.  I of course don't want to wreck because of someone else being stupid, but especially don't want to with my bride on back.

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