This is the kind of study I can get behind! One website did the very important research to find out which show each and every different state feels is the most overrated. did the study recently. To get the study's findings, the website took some of the most watched and most popular shows of all time. From there, they asked residents in each state whether or not they thought the show was overrated.

So which show do we think is the most overrated in Minnesota? Parks & Recreation. In case you didn't know, the sitcom lasted for seven seasons and featured stars like Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler.

Wisconsin's taste looks to be a little bit different. According to residents there, The Big Bang Theory is the most overrated show. The wildly fun show is no longer on the air but had a good run with 12 seasons, starring Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons, among other big stars.

We aren't loners though, as the shows pop up as the most overrated show in several other states around the country. Other shows that are deemed overrated countrywide include fan-favorite Game Of Thrones, The Office, The Simpsons and Friends.

A few other fun facts for you to feast on: Rick and Morty was chosen as the most overrated show for the majority of states. Women think Game Of Thrones is overrated, while men think Friends is. My favorite fact is this: people over the age of 54 pretty much think every show is overrated.

I guess I have a few shows to knock off my "watch" list!

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