Everyone has their guesses but the KOOL Schwamee says he knows.

At the beginning of the season, he picked New Orleans and the Patriots to make the Super Bowl. That didn't happen because of the Vikings and Titans. His back up pick was Buffalo and Minnesota, they are gone too.

So, it's a do-over and he has to pick all new teams. He looks at home field, coaching, and guts, both the team and his own. So he says Kansas City is due, Andy Reid has not won a Super Bowl ever despite having such a great record to get there and winning in the playoffs, it's the one loss at the end of the season that keeps him out.

So, another thing to consider, there is pressure on Aaron Rodgers. So many people including and mostly limited to sportswriters and sports predicters. They think Aaron needs to win another Super Bowl in order to be in the conversation with other Quarterbacks that he is supposedly better than.

So here goes:

Tennessee vs Kansas City

Green Bay vs San Francisco

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