March is the month designated part of the Minnesota Foodshare Campaign and runs thru April 7th.

According to Chum's website, The 2018 campaign raised $110,262.93 and 32,386 pounds. The goal for March 2019, is to raise $115,000 and 35,000 pounds of food to stock the shelves.  The CHUM Food Shelf was a major source of each visiting family’s nutrition throughout the year.

So what do they need?? More money, or more food?? Money is better, the CHUM Food Shelf can do much more with money.  As a member of Second Harvest Food Bank, the money goes much farther than it would be shopping at Super One or Cub Foods. For every $1 that gets donated, they can buy $7 worth of food—that’s seven times more!!!

If you have questions or want to more information, both Mary Schmitz and  Scott Van Deale are available to help at 218.727.2391.

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