Two dogs running amuck, a male and female. It brings back images of Lady and the Tramp. This story doesn't end as well, but needs to be told. The female was hit by a car, the male dragged her off the road and then, stayed by her side for more than 14 hours before Animal Control removed her body and now, they say, he is still so depressed he may not be able to find a home to adopt him.

The dogs stayed on the side of the road, cars whizzing by, for so long that a local business put out food and water for the male pit bull.  Nuzzling his lost love, the male dog would not leave her side.

Someone stopped and took a picture and posted it on Facebook. A woman from Chicago called the mayor of Phoenix to do something.

According to Fox 10 in Phoenix, A spokesman said, 'He's a little withdrawn and he appears to be very sad. I am not certain we will be placing him up for adoption.'

Animal Control thinks that the dogs may have an owner because the male had a harness on him when he was found. However, that person has not yet claimed him. Without an owner, the male pit bull's future is uncertain.

You hear about couples that are like this. It's also nice to see a pit bull with feelings because they always get a bad rap.