How do the new seats at the Canal Park movie theater stack up to most home theaters?

As a avid fan of movie theaters since I was a kid, I was really excited when I saw that the Canal Park movie theater was going to be replacing their seats with new 'DreamLoungers'. These new seats are meant to provide more of a luxury experience at the movie theater. The official definition of the seats according to Marcus Theaters website is:

"DreamLounger™ recliner seating provides maximum comfort that feels like home with seven feet of legroom between the rows. The seating is getting rave reviews as these spacious, comfortable recliners allow you to go from seated upright to a full recline at the touch of a button. So kick back and enjoy the movie. The stress-free experience continues with these recliners as you can reserve your seat in advance of the show, which makes for an even more convenient trip to movies!"


So when the seats went in earlier this spring, I was pumped to check them out. After going to a couple movies recently, I can confidently say that the 'DreamLoungers' are absolute GAME CHANGERS. I didn't have any issues with the old seats at the theater. They reclined and it was a decent experience. But now I really don't ever want to go back to those seats are getting into the nice comfy recliners.

These seats recline more than most would think and there's still plenty of isle room for people to get through without having to put your foot rest down again. All the seats are reserved, so when you buy your ticket, you pick where you want to sit. You don't feel squished up to other people (shout-out to that armrest in the middle). When the new recliners were announced, I was expecting a price hike on tickets, but it seems that prices are going to remain the same. These seats are a big step forward for getting people out of their living rooms and into the movie theater. Comfort during a movie is a must, and now you have that in spades.

The new seats are in all the screens in the Canal Park theater except the big UltraScreen.

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