It might only be early August but the Haunted Shack already has Halloween on their mind. They are seeking volunteers to help them out with the attraction later this year.

This is the second piece of Halloween-related news today, with the first piece being the big announcement that one of our Spirit Halloween stores is open in Duluth! The Miller Hill Mall location opened in early August.

This is just one of two Spirit Halloween locations that will be opening in the Duluth area this year. The other will be right across the street in the old Bed Bath & Beyond location. This store will be much larger than the one at the mall.

So while it seems that Halloween is far off, it really isn't if you really think about it! It will be here in just a few short months and attractions like the Haunted Shack are already making arrangements for October!

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The Haunted Shack shared a message on their Facebook page on Friday (August 5th), stating that they were looking for volunteers to help out this year.

If you are in any sort of school group or work for an organization, you can volunteer as a team and receive money for your group. According to their post, you can receive up to $500 bucks a night, which is awesome.

If you are interested,  you are asked to reach out to the Haunted Shack on their Facebook page. From there, they will work with you and give you more details on volunteering and such.

The Haunted Shack is located in Carlton and is always a Northland favorite. The haunt includes a hayride, a corn maze and an actual haunted house. There is also food and beverages on sight and a bunch of great photo opportunities.

It seems that preparing for the attraction is a year-round thing for organizers! Back in July, they shared a photo of a massive prop they purchased and beamed about how excited they were to have it for the attraction.

The Haunted Shack has released their schedule for the event this year, which will be kicking off on Friday, October 14th. The haunt will continue for most weekends after the kickoff and will be closed on Halloween.

By the way, the Haunted Ship is also looking for volunteers for a bunch of different positions. They are seeking people to help with the take down of the attraction, actors and the like. You can reach out to organizers to sign up.

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