Halloween and magic:  a natural combination!  The Superior Public Library has a little of both planned for Saturday, October 19 as they offer a free Halloween Magic Show with Magic Bob and the Boo-Tiful Lynn Marie at 11:00 AM.

Magic Bob has a theory:  Each time a book is opened readers have the opportunity to explore extraordinary worlds, meet outrageous characters (even creatures), and learn how to do the most amazing things. In short, there is a "ghoulish adventure" waiting inside of every book!  To bring that theory to life, Magic Bob uses books, storytelling, drama, comedy, magic, and plenty of audience participation in his show.

There is no charge for this program and everyone is invited to come see it.  However, the Magic Show is aimed primarily at the Pre-K to 5th Grade level, with features that are completely safe and "not-so-scary" - making it a great family event.

To get more details about the Halloween Magic Bob Show or any of the children's or adult programming features at the Superior Public Library, click here.


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