Some studies have shown that garlic can lower the risk of lung cancer, prostate cancer, and osteoarthritis. New studies have also suggested that it can lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Growing fresh garlic is not that hard, I've come to find. I’ve learned that you can’t buy the bulbs from the supermarket, as they have been sprayed with chemical so they won’t sprout. You can either go online or the local markets try to find for fresh garlic.

All of my planting is done either in pots or barrels as I don’t have an actual garden area. When I start planting, I plant individual cloves and you must put the sharper side facing up about 3 to 4 inches below the soil. If you plant multiple plants in a planter, they should be about 18 inches apart.

This is my first attempt at the garlic plant, but I am having a great time growing fresh herbs.

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