Sully Kosmos is a former Duluth East Graduate and currently a Sophomore at Mesabi Range College majoring in Graphic Design ,which he is putting to very good use. He started a positivity campaign as part of a school project to help advocate for mental health especially during the pandemic.

Kosmos said to CBS3 :

This campaign is just to cheer people up. Everything sucks right now. Everybody is just waiting for the next hit of bad  news and I’m just tired of it.

So in order to help battle with his own situation that he was going through Kosmos made up 50 signs and 300 cards encouraging others that things will get better. Some of the phrases are "Stop giving into negativity"  "Things will get better" "Text Them Back" "Check in on them" and more.

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Kosmos has said that initially he did not know what to do with this project, but through his own experiences and struggles as a student and frontline worker through COVID-19 the idea came to fruition. I actually have met Sully before and he is the absolute nicest guy on the planet so it totally makes sense to me that he would start a campaign like this to bring awareness and to try and help people stay positive.

If you would like more information about this project  click on the website. Sully has  information on resources to help people that may be struggling with mental health issues. And a printable version of the signs he made in case you as an individual would like to print them off and post them somewhere. If we all looked out for each other and made mental health not seem like such a taboo topic, maybe more people might reach out for help.

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