If you've ever been to Grand Marais, this won't surprise you. The small town was just named one of the most beautiful in the country by a prestigious magazine. Like I said, it's very understandable.

The town, located right along the shores of Lake Superior, is popular to those that live in the Northland and those that come from all over to go there! There is always something going on and always something to do. Plus, it's gorgeous.

This isn't the first time Grand Marais has been given a title like this. A few years back, they were voted the best small town in the country. This took towns with a population of less than 10,000 people into consideration.

Not convinced yet? Just travel up the North Shore to see the fall colors and you will be! Maybe being named one of the most beautiful small towns this year will convince you, if it hasn't already.

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The list was done by the prestigious Architectural Digest. They released their list of the fifty-five most beautiful small towns in America. Considering how many small towns there are, this is quite the accomplishment.

They released the list in late September and it includes some amazing places. However, Grand Marais stands out, probably because Minnesota is thought of as cold with nothing going on, right?

So how did Architectural Digest draft this list? According to them, they looked at things like access to nature, which is something Grand Marais certainly has, and the presence of historic districts.

The thing that likely sealed the deal here is that Architectural Digest also looked at the topography of different places and how appealing said topography is. Grand Marais sits right on the shores of Lake Superior and it doesn't get more beautiful than that.

Grand Marais came in at number forty-five on the list and the article states that it made the cut based on the fact that it acts as a gateway to the popular Boundary Waters and is a town "rich in the arts" despite its size.

The article also says that despite its size, it also has some really cool and unique places to do things like crafts and soap-making, which aren't found everywhere and certainly not in small places. I am pretty proud this small Minnesotan town made the list in the midst of places like Hawaii, Florida and other tropical places.

If you're thinking of taking a trip, you're in luck! Minnesota Highway 61 was named one of the most scenic drives in America so you can take the highway on your way to one of the most beautiful small towns.

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