With Baconpalooza coming soon, I wanted to have an awesome recipe. That's hard! What do you do to improve bacon? Then I realized, bacon improves everything else. So that's when I started searching things that needed to be improved, and I found that it's just food that you add bacon to....that's it.

Like, bacon burgers, you just add bacon to burger. Bacon in macaroni and cheese, I mean, what else would be better? Bacon on bacon?..............(pause for drooling). Then it got me thinking, bacon improves food, what else could it improve. I found this video and I found the answer.

Wanna rub some bacon on it? See you at Baconpalooza at the Kirby Ballroom May 8th, where area businesses will show you their bacon recipes. Get you tickets, click here. Tell 'em to rub some bacon on it!!!

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