Gina Lee had always been around music, singing as a little girl. Her Dad was a drummer and her uncle a singer too.

She was inspired by going to church and singing there and also used to sneak into the Bible college and listen to the choirs there. In 1979 she got her first paid gig with a guy she had been singing with for two years. He was the one that also gave her first guitar too, and got after her to play it. It was a Guild six-string guitar.

She grew up loving music but was inspired by Linda Rondstadt and Bob Seger.  She describes her vocals as being delicate when she records but says she can belt it out when she plays live.

She has played some of the big music festivals around town like Homegrown and Quinlan’s, Beaner’s, and Amazing Grace. She is very involved in the music community. Right now if you visit her spot on BandVista you can pick up her latest CD called "A Soft Place To Land".

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