Last month, French film star Gerard Depardieu caused quite a stir when he urinated in the cabin of an Air France plane in full view of passengers and crew. The odd story caused even CNN’s Anderson Cooper to have a serious gigglefit while covering it for his ‘AC360′ program.

Now Depardieu, 62, has proven he too has a sense of humor about it.

In this French-language video, ‘Les Gaulois Dans L’Espace,’ he and actor Edouard Baer — who was Depardieu’s travel companion on that fateful Air France flight — sit aboard a plane dressed as characters from their upcoming film ‘Asterix et Obelix: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.’

As the flight attendant announces that no one will be served wild boar until they are in flight, Depardieu becomes agitated and demands to eat immediately. He leaves his seat and seconds later, the flight attendant can be heard on the PA system explaining an emergency landing will have to be made because a man made a “mess.”

Watch the video below:

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