One of my favorite shows is "GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS" on the A&E network.  It documents the unconventional family that Gene and Shannon Tweed have together.

I am always surprised at how A.) they keep it together with the schedules they have and B.) have a normal everyday family and good kids. I also enjoy seeing them pick on Gene, because he has a public persona of a ladies man, very calm and cool and always having it together, when really he is just as lost and ill prepared for life as any of us. He just happens to be good at putting on a costume, make-up, and high heels and playing rock and roll music. He has quirks like any of us.

Gene is afraid of getting married and Shannon is pressing him to, well this season it starts to unravel. You can see it unravel in this interview, it's sort of uncomfortable. Gene, who always has something to say, has nothing to say. In this clip, the room is uncomfortable....


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