You've probably noticed it in the Duluth skyline.  First there was the demo work, followed by the installation of new windows.  As summer gave way to fall, the building started to get attention for its unique and colorful siding.  Now - officials with One Roof Community Housing and Center City Housing are proud to announce that the rehabilitation work on Gateway Tower Apartments is finished!

All told, the project cost $18.5 million.  The rehab work will breathe new life into the 40-year old, 14 story building that acts as a very visible anchor to the western end of the downtown skyline.

150 units are available in the newly-remodeled building - each with major upgrades to the units.  In addition, the building also boasts a new heating system, sprinkler system, upgraded elevators, and plenty of energy-efficient details.

Gateway Tower Apartments is managed by Duluth HRA.

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