Recently, the Lake Superior Medical Equipment building in Duluth suffered a total loss due to fire. The fire not only damaged their business, but it also severely damaged that a Duluth veteran called home.

Mark Winans lost everything in the fire and now a GoFundMe drive has been started to help him through difficult times.

The GoFundMe page was started by his friend Dennis Perich with an initial goal to raise $5,000.

Mark is the Food Manager/Cook at Arrowhead House East Intensive Residential Treatment in Duluth, MN, serving adults with mental health/co-occurring illnesses. Mark has worked in the healthcare field for many years at various locations including: Amber Wing, Woodland Hills and the Bee-Hive.
On September 14, 2022, Mark was the victim of a building fire that destroyed his apartment. The building was located near Uncle Louis' Cafe and Essentia Health Hospital.
Although no one was hurt, Mark lost everything he owned. He was left with his driver's license, vehicle, and the clothes he was wearing.
Please help if you can. Mark is a Navy Veteran, a caring father, a great cook and a friend.
All funds will go directly to Mark to help rebuild his home.

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As of Sunday afternoon, the GoFundMe page, which has received 52 donations including a $500 donation from Northern Lights Community Action, had raised nearly half of the initial $5,000 goal.

Hopefully over the next several days donations will continue to come in and that initial  $5,000 goal will be exceeded. You you'd like to help out, just click the button above.

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